I am a computer consultant whose primary skills include Systems Administration, and Web Programming, however I have been interested more in cryptography, computer vision and robotics lately. However do not expect me to be an expert in these subjects yet, considering they are difficult to learn for many, and take up alot of my free time and money already. I have spent around 10 years web programming, contributing heavily to the Drupal project, and programming in Python and Java occasionally, and more recently Node.js and WebGL. I am currently re-designing what I consider to be "the best" ecommerce platform for drupal, working on an autonomous vehicle that I have built from scratch and as the use case for computer vision systems, afterwards I am going to transition to working on online electronic voting systems again in my free time.

I am an auto-didact, for those who do not know what that means, I am addicted to learning. I have a daily routine of reading science journals and political news, because its important to me to have a good grasp of the world, by developing a solid understanding of how things in the world work, in addition to picking up valuable knowledge about what the future will bring. I am also well rounded and have other soft skills, for example I have worked in local and state politics, and regularly do public interest research projects. I also have a good understanding of the law, and the different regulations and procedures involving trade and industry. I also have had experience with Enterprise Resource Planning, advertising and marketing, and market economic analysis.

Here is a my code respository of archived projects not under NDA, these have all come from a decommissioned server, so and shouldn't contain any databases in them.